At CYP we build education and focused learning into the recreational activities, and after an initial period of engagement, we begin involving them in the evaluation of their own progress. This helps them to develop their identity thus enabling further personal development. As a result  we are in a position to create more leadership opportunities involving more children and young people in the decision making and running of activities at CYP resulting in them gaining more confidence and self-esteem. The key stages of our programme:

1 – enjoyment & learning;

2 – building awareness of learning & identifying change;

3 – actively wanting to continue learning & building commitment;

4 – reaching key long term outcomes.


The new peer mentoring scheme has the following 2 aims

  • To support the growth and development of ten to fifteen 16-24 year olds each year in the role of peer mentor, improving their key skills and providing opportunities.
  • To improve the behaviour and aspirations of 350 younger CYP members.

Peer mentors are supported and trained to

Facilitate peer led sessions and support the youth workers in the running of CYP sessions, and external sessions facilitated by partner organisations.
Collaborate effectively with younger members, to engage them in discussion and support them into CYP activities which give CYP the opportunity to do more thorough work with those young people.

Provide training and support for mentors to develop their own CYP forum, advising CYP on planning, projects and delivery, eventually to become local youth leaders (act as advisors to various groups and forums in the community and London wide).

During their time as peer mentors they are supported by the peer mentor coordinator and supervised by the Youth Worker in Charge of the sessions they are allocated to. Our programmes of social education take place outside of school hours, we provide activities incorporating consultation, sports, arts and trips during the evenings (and weekends) of term time, and extend provision for holiday periods. Therefore, most opportunities to mentor at CYP can be fitted around school or college commitments.

Youth Funding

Jack Petchey

On a monthly basis young people have access to these funds by putting forward their own idea’s for activities, Young People then vote on the activity they would most like to do the idea with the highest number of votes is planned and implemented. The other way these fund are distributed is through young people voting on the young person they feel has achieved during that month. The young person with the most votes can then choose an activity for the group.

Key Fund

Key Fund is a fund used directly by groups of young people they plan and develop their own projects working through 6 rounds of increasing funds. During this process the young people measure their own skills improvement through a simple skills wheels format.


Kings Cross Central

For 10 year members of CYP have been brought along the Kings Cross Development journey. Attending consultation events with Argent and Fluid young people have made suggestions and put forward their views.

Local Initiatives

Young People have worked with Islington council and commercial businesses consulting on a number of issues including Street Safety, Youth Hubs, Regeneration, Policing, local architecture and design.