Outcomes for Young People


Challenging & Understanding Motivation

Every year, out of young people that CYP work with, (328 in 2016) 45% aged 12 to 14 years and 75% of aged 15-25 years, report and demonstrate raised aspirations and actively want to learn.

Directing Motivation

Every year, 62% of young people that CYP work with, choose to direct their motivation towards a positive route.

Challenging & Understanding Behaviour

Every year a minimum of 50% of young people that CYP work with, develop awareness of consequences of behaviour and learn how to control their behaviour and respond in a positive way.

Under 12’s Progression

Every year 90% of young people that CYP work with aged 7 to 11, demonstrate increased responsiveness to learning, improved understanding of consequences of behaviour, and show they have learned about the roles and impact of the individual within their community.

Stronger Communities

The Youth Led Enterprise provides a visible space where youth achievements can be displayed giving young people a sense of pride in their community. Parents, grandparents and residents can share in this pride as well as the wider community – commuters to Kings Cross and local business people.

Our premises provides a neutral space that helps to break down generational barriers and diminish prejudices – locals of all ages can see the results of all young people working together which helps to combat divisions in the community.

Fundraising brings money into the area.

Training and interaction with adults provides the youth steering group with the necessary knowledge and skills to communicate positively with other groups of young people moreover, it supports positive interaction with Islington Council, businesses and funders further ensuring the project has the best impact to the wider community.

The project educates young people in the positive outcomes of community engagement by providing a forum through which they present themselves: offering positive input into the community by creating a sustainable enterprise and delivering an accessible space.

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