Year 10 Work Experience July 2017

Year 10 Work Experience July 2017

Armstrong Okoflex

Overall through the week I have enjoyed my experience at Copenhagen youth project. At the start of the week we were introduced to cyp and the rules that we had to follow. We then had to help organise cyp summer timetable which involved us calling businesses and finding out the dates and times for the events that the business is carrying which helps our communication skills. In cyp we also did cooking which was good because the chief taught us to cook and make rice and chicken. Overall it has been an enjoyable first week at cyp and I can’t wait for the next week.

Ryan alebiosu

Throughout week 1 we did various of activities and planning on the first day we had induction to get to know different parts of the centre and what we were going to do throughout the duration of our work experience secondly on the next day we hard to start plan and enquiring different companies in our groups which helped my communications skills we did this for two days however we also had to do other things such as helping out with cleaning and cooking, it was a very active first week as lots of things were happening

Samuel Okoye-Ahaneku

My first week of work experience at CYP has been very useful and enjoyable.

In day one, we took a tour of CYP and we were handed our timetables and we went through the CYP policies and rules.

I found the week very useful because we conducted realistic tasks, spoke on the phone and created timetables. Furthermore, I found it enjoyable because of the fun we had with staff and other friends. An example of this, was on Thursday at which, we cooked rice and chicken and had banter whilst cooking and at the dinner table.

Overall, my week was excellent and I am looking forward to next week for the same reasons stated above.

Adnan Menhal

The first week was very enjoyable. Throughout the week we did various activities and planning. My group had to call different paintballing companies and find the cheapest price, we also had to find the cheapest go karting places in our area. We also had to call different youth centres around our area and book a time and date which best suited us and the youth centres. We had to arrange like a tour around the youth centre, so we can see what activities and opportunities they offer the youth. These activities which I have participated in has helped me improve my communication skills. Near the end of the week me and Ryan had to clean the kitchen after eat club. Which lead us to clean for two days. Overall it was an enjoyable week.