Case Studies

Abel (19 years old)

“I first started at CYP aged 9 and became a CYP mentor aged 16. I participated in many consultation events they helped me to respect others and also to understand how we all see things differently. I was supported to develop my interview skills and got a job as an estate agent. I now work in Dubai!”


Moses (23 years old)

“I came to CYP aged 9 and I wanted to become an actor. I was always self-confident, but lacked focus and was distracted by football etc. CYP encouraged and helped me to realise my potential. I received a casting opportunity to be on Youngers on Channel 4, and got the role! From this opportunity I have now starred in many plays, TV shows etc. getting more and more roles. I now try and use my experience to support CYP and lead on all acting/drama projects”

Jessie (23 years old)

“From the age of 9 I played football and participated in the broader CYP programme over the past 2 years. I spent a lot of time at CYP working on my employability skills, and received finance work experience at CYP with Theo. They also helped me to do an apprenticeship with Islington Council. I had a potential job opportunity at Red Bull but was unsure whether I wanted move on and lacked the confidence to go for it. CYP encouraged me to apply, I got the role and I’m now doing well at Red Bull!”

Levi Strive Gordon (22 years old)

“I came to CYP at the age of 9 mainly playing Football and engaging in art project’s. I’m now concentrating on my music because CYP has encouraged me to pursue my dream. Last year I toured Europe with a band and I’m performing at Glastonbury this year! Thank you CYP!”